Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Posted 06/21/2016

Cheyenne has grown exponentially in the past decade.  And while we’re not the biggest tobacco manufacturer in the business, Cheyenne finds impressive ways to stand out and shine amongst the competition.

We create local jobs. Located about an hour outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, Cheyenne is committed to providing and keeping jobs in America. We are one of the few long-standing local employers in the small town of Grover, situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. By manufacturing American-Made products, we build strong community relationships and help support the local economy.

We’re made in the USA. We take pride in the fact that our products are American-made. In an age where so many things are outsourced, we’re able to not only employ Americans, but we’re also able to meet the strict regulatory demands of the US government. That means quality products that are always guaranteed.

Customer service is personal. How many times have you contacted a company only to be transferred to a general voicemail box or spend an extensive amount of time getting nowhere? When you call us, you’ll actually speak with a live person!  At Cheyenne, we value all of our customers and take pride in providing everyone with a hands-on customer service experience.

Here to stay. As a small tobacco manufacturer, we’re not the “big guys” but once you experience what Cheyenne has to offer, you will never look back! We like to consider ourselves as a “one-stop-shop” for your tobacco category needs. Since our start in 2002, we have been dedicated to providing a diverse range of profitable solutions in all tobacco categories and to this day we still hold strong on that commitment. We’re here to stay and plan to keep making business simple for our customers.

Compliance is in everything we do. Despite the ongoing regulatory changes in the tobacco industry, Cheyenne has always been a step ahead. How? We are constantly involved in legislative affairs and are able to adapt quickly to changing environments. Unlike most small companies, we’re proactive, not reactive when it comes to compliance and regulation.

After over a decade of building a reputable tobacco manufacturing business, Cheyenne has maintained its fundamental standards. And as our business continues to grow, we are continually focused on creating valuable customer partnerships and providing high-quality products at a fair price. If you are interested in carrying Cheyenne products, please fill our Contact Us form and we would be happy to start a partnership with you.



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