Cheyenne Celebrates 15 Successful Years in Business

Posted 07/17/2017

15-Years-Banner (5).png

It’s a special year for Cheyenne International as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of opening our doors for business. The company was founded in 2002 and has since grown from a four person operation to a thriving entity employing a nationwide sales force and many of the local residents here in the surrounding area of Grover, North Carolina. Cheyenne, which began its journey as a scrappy little tobacco start-up, is now what we like to consider The Biggest Small Tobacco Manufacturer in America. Our growth has allowed us to work with a diverse customer base ranging from “mom and pop” tobacco shops to multi-national chain stores. This impressive milestone marks a long journey of providing consistent leadership and dedication to our trade partners. Our mission since day one was to provide our customers with a diversified portfolio of high-quality tobacco products at a fair price and we’re still committed to that sentiment today.

Looking back to our humble beginnings, our biggest challenge has been responding to the constantly changing regulatory environment in which we operate. However difficult, we stand proud today knowing that we’ve built a reputable company with successful brands despite these challenges.

The Cheyenne Cigarette was our flagship brand as we started our endeavor into the tobacco business. Fast forward to 2017, and we now offer over a dozen product lines that span many different product categories such as filtered cigars, smokeless tobacco, snus and pipe tobacco to name a few. Our subsequent brand introductions that followed Cheyenne Cigarettes have supported our strategic focus on always offering a diversified portfolio that wholesalers and retailers alike could appreciate.

As you can see, we’ve come a long way, and while we’ve tweaked our products and services as the market has evolved, our primary focus on delivering high-quality products at a fair price has never wavered. We’ve even collected many accolades to prove it, including Best New Product Awards, Editor’s Pick Awards and Packaging Design Awards.

However, it hasn’t always only been about our products or our customers. Building our employee “family” has been an important part of our success as well. We are grateful to each person who has helped this company get to our 15 year mark. Without our employees, vendors, trade partners and adult consumers, Cheyenne International could not have become what it is today. 

As we relish the past, we also look forward to the next fifteen years of growth. We plan to strengthen existing relationships and build the foundation from which new partnerships can prosper. That means, above all else, remaining true to the core values that have brought us this far: Partnership, Quality and Compliance.