Cheyenne Introduces New Cigarillo

Posted 05/01/2014

Cheyenne is Diversifying Company’s Portfolio and Offering Cigarillos in Foil Pouch

CheyenneCigarillo_Collection.JPGGrover, North Carolina (May 1, 2014) – Cheyenne International, LLC, a full line tobacco product manufacturer servicing both domestic and international markets, has announced the introduction of their latest tobacco product: The Cheyenne Cigarillo in a re-sealable, three-cigarillo foil pouch.

Made in the Dominican Republic, each Cheyenne Cigarillo contains a rich blend of cigar tobacco that creates a one-of-a-kind smoking experience dubbed the Cheyenne Cigarillo Trifecta: a cigarillo with great looks, great taste, and an even better price! Cradled in a delectable tobacco wrapper, Cheyenne Cigarillos are available in four styles: Dark & Mellow, Pineapple, Sweet, and White Grape.

Typically, wholesalers and distributors are accustomed to a pre-priced value of 3 for 99¢, but Cheyenne International is changing the segment. Cheyenne Cigarillos are sold in a display of 15 re-sealable foil pouches, containing three cigarillos for only 89¢. For less than 30¢ a stick, Cheyenne Cigarillos provide adult consumers with a premium product that competitors cannot beat- in price, quality, or taste.


Introduced at the April 2014 NATO Show, distributors and retailers alike are enthusiastic to give consumers the option to choose a better product at a better price. This product is 100% guaranteed and supported by manufacturer advertising in key tobacco industry publications.