Cheyenne Releases Strawberry 100's Cigar

Posted 02/01/2017

Cheyenne Cigar Brand Releases New Strawberry SKU

Grover, NC (February 1, 2017) - Cheyenne International announced today the release of Strawberry 100’s to the Cheyenne Cigar brand lineup. New to the field, Strawberry is made at the company’s manufacturing facility in Grover, NC and joins 11 other styles in the brands roster. The new SKU will be debuted at the 2017 Convenience Distribution Marketplace from February 13-15, 2017. As a leader in the filtered cigar segment, Strawberry, like other Cheyenne Cigar styles, will deliver profitable solutions to Distributors and Retailers alike.

Cheyenne Strawberry Cigars are the second new release from the brand in recent years. After the wildly successful launch of Limited Edition Tropical, Cheyenne recognized the adult consumer's desire for choice in the category.  “The addition of Strawberry 100’s was a natural next step for the brand. Our adult consumers are looking for both quality and variety in this segment and we intended to deliver,” says David Scott, CEO of Cheyenne International.  “The addition allows Retailers to tailor their OTP set for their unique market needs without sacrificing profitability.”

The Cheyenne Strawberry 100’s Cigar is available in 20 cigars per pack, accompanied by attractive point of sale and customized retail and wholesale programs to fit individual market needs.


About Cheyenne International, LLC

Cheyenne International, LLC is a full-line tobacco product manufacturer with a focus on creating valuable customer partnerships and producing high-quality products at a fair price.  Located in North Carolina, the heart of American tobacco country, Cheyenne International prides itself on delivering profitable, market-leading brands that meet the demands of adult consumers.  Learn more about Cheyenne International here


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