Cheyenne Releases Tropical 100's Cigar

Posted 01/31/2016

Inspired and selected by its adult consumers, Cheyenne Cigars is releasing its latest product: Tropical 100's.  The Save Your Fave Sweepstakes gave Cheyenne Cigar fans the opportunity to choose Strawberry, Tropical or Wine as the next limited edition style to hit store shelves.

After weeks of voting, it was nearly a photo finish but Tropical came out on top.  As the consumer favorite, Cheyenne Tropical is a tangy, citrus-infused cigar that delivers the exceptional taste, quality and profit you've come to expect from the brand.


Debuting at the 2016 Convenience Distribution Marketplace, the Limited Edition Tropical style will be available in 20 cigars per pack. 

While the Cheyenne Tropical Cigar is limited in supply, it's unlimited on taste!  Order while supplies last.  For more information or to place an order, stop by CDA Marketplace Booth #733 or contact us.

If you miss us at CDA Marketplace, be sure to stop by Tobacco Plus Expo Booth #3025 in March for more details.


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