Cheyenne Wins Best New Tobacco Product at TPE 2016

Posted 03/18/2016

For almost a decade, Cheyenne International has been exhibiting at the Tobacco Plus Expo trade show and while every year produces great business leads and new partnerships, this year, Cheyenne took more home than orders and memories. We took home an award!

Best New Product Award 2016.jpg

Each year a panel of industry buyers judge four categories of new products at TPE: Best New Tobacco Product, Best New Non-Tobacco Product, Best New Vapor Product and Best New Tobacco Accessory. The winners are selected for innovation, uniqueness and overall product excitement. Cheyenne Limited Edition Tropical Cigar was in the running, the filtered cigar brand’s first line extension, and came out on top as the Best New Tobacco Product!

But we can’t take all of the credit. The Cheyenne Tropical Cigar was hand-picked out of a lineup by our loyal Cheyenne Cigar adult consumers to be the first Limited Edition style to hit store shelves. The idea of putting this decision in our fans hands may seem avant-garde but Cheyenne likes to think that the customer always knows best.

As the adult consumer favorite, Cheyenne Tropical is a tangy, citrus-infused cigar that delivers the exceptional taste, quality and profit that is expected from the Cheyenne Cigar brand. Each cyan-colored 100’s pack houses 20 filtered cigars. The Cheyenne Tropical Cigar is limited in supply but unlimited on taste!

For more information about the consumer-selected Cheyenne Limited Edition Tropical Cigars or to place an order, please contact Cheyenne International at


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