Five Fun Facts About Cheyenne International

Posted 05/01/2016

5 Fun Facts Corporate Infographic.png

If your name is David you will fit right in! Cheyenne has more employees named David than any other name.  When a new employee starts, we lend them this tip: “If you can’t remember someone’s name, just call them David and you’ll usually have a 50/50 chance of being right!” They usually laugh but soon discover that it’s a great tip to remember. After all, David is the second most popular name in the United States.

Our story on the big screen! During the peak of the reality television phenomenon, Cheyenne was approached to do a reality show. It was many years ago but it really happened! Maybe if we said yes, we could have taken the name David to the top spot on the most popular names in America! We may not have television fame but we manufacture some of the best American-made tobacco products in the industry. We like to think that outweighs reality TV success.

Behind every name is a story. Many people think our company name, Cheyenne, is associated with the Native Americans, but there is no association.  Furthermore, we weren’t founded in Cheyenne, Wyoming either.  We are homegrown in Grover, North Carolina - the back yard of tobacco country. We simply just liked the name Cheyenne and thought it was a great name for a tobacco company.  Once the trademark cleared, the rest was history!

Cheyenne Cigars is one of our best selling brands. As a proven leader in the marketplace, Cheyenne Cigars are crafted from the finest cigar tobacco blends and offer adult consumers a cigar experience that is second to none.  If you were to line up Cheyenne Cigars, end to end, it’d take 394,431,840 cigars to get around the world once. That’s 1,314 truckloads of Cheyenne Cigars!

Ain’t no mountain high enough. Did you know that Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and the highest mountain in Africa? And out of the 25,000 people that attempt to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro every year, our cigarette brand, Aura, was our first cigarette brand to ever make it to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. At Cheyenne, we climb mountains - literally.