Operation THX Comes To A Close

Posted 09/28/2016

Cheyenne initiated the B2C campaign, Operation THX, on Cheyenne brand websites on Independence Day and since July 4th thousands of adult consumers of Cheyenne brands and proud Americans have showed veteran appreciation by posting pictures to commemorate veterans. Whether it was a picture of America’s flag proudly waving in the sky or pictures of family members and friends, we have added up all of the patriotic pictures that have been submitted and we were proud to announce the results with our website members but posting the image below.


You read that right! Loyal Cheyenne brand members helped raise $5,000! After research and much consideration, Cheyenne International decided to donate the proceeds from Operation THX to Purple Heart Homes, a non-profit veteran organization located in Statesville, NC. Purple Heart Homes is dedicated to improving veterans lives by assisting veterans with purchasing or renovating their home so that they can live with the independence and American pride that they deserve. 

Cheyenne International is not only committed to recognizing the brave women and men that help keep our country safe but also devoted to keeping jobs in America and supporting organizations like Be A Hero - Hire A Hero that help connect veterans and their families to employers. If you would like to find out how you can support the Operation THX campaign, please email contactus@cheyenneintl.com.


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