Operation THX

Posted 07/04/2016


There are over 22 million military veterans in America. In addition to the millions of veterans, there are over a million active and reserve service members protecting our country’s liberty daily. But out of the millions of service men and women in America, there are only a few days in the calendar year designated to honor their courage and bravery. Cheyenne International is dedicated to spreading appreciation to the armed forces all year because our freedom is priceless…And so is a “Thank You.”

Cheyenne initiated the B2C campaign, Operation THX, on Cheyenne brand websites on Independence Day and since July 4th, our adult consumers have been posting hundreds of pictures to thank America’s Veterans. Whether the pictures show a throwback of a family member in uniform or proudly displays America’s flag waving in the wind, each picture that is submitted represents our country’s appreciation for veterans. But in regards to the Operation THX campaign each picture also represents a dollar that Cheyenne International will donate to an honorable Veteran American association when the campaign ends Labor Day, September 5th, 2016.

Cheyenne International is not only committed to recognizing the brave women and men that help keep our country safe but also devoted to keeping jobs in America and supporting organizations like Be A Hero - Hire A Hero that help connect veterans and their families to employers. If you would like to find out how you can support the Operation THX campaign, please email contactus@cheyenneintl.com.