Progressive Grocer Coins Cheyenne Tropical Cigars Editor’s Pick

Posted 09/01/0016

Cheyenne Tropical is a tangy, citrus-infused cigar that delivers the exceptional taste, quality and profit that is expected from the Cheyenne Cigar brand. Since its spring debut, Cheyenne Tropical Cigars have been riding the wave of success.

Tropical, the first Cheyenne Cigar limited edition style, was chosen by adult consumers in the 2015 “Save Your Fave” campaign. The idea of putting the brand’s first line extension decision in our fans hands may seem avant-garde but we like to think that the customer always knows best. And when you list the number of accolades that Tropical has obtained in less than a year, you would think the same.

Recognized as a winner first with adult consumers and then voted “Best New Product” at the 2016 TPE Show for innovation, taste and value, Tropical is now winning in trade publications. Out of hundreds of nominees, Cheyenne Tropical was selected as Progressive Grocer’s 2016 Editor’s Pick in the Cigar Category.

Progressive Grocer chooses the Editor’s Pick winners based on three categories: innovation, taste/functionality and overall value. Cheyenne Tropical Cigars may have started as a consumer choice but it’s safe to say that Tropical has proven its worth in taste, value and merit!

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