We value our retail partners and understand the challenges they face. By viewing our retailers as true partners, we're able to create progressive and effective strategies and solutions.

Opportunities are unique for each of our retail partners because there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Whether you're a chain or an independent retailer, a convenience store, grocer or tobacco outlet owner, our diversified brand portfolio offers profitable solutions in all tobacco categories.

Cheyenne International is a leader in the advocacy of our industry and of small retail businesses throughout the country. As such, we're a member of several retail-focused industry associations and always have an eye on developing compliant strategies for your success. The responsibility of an always-changing regulatory landscape often lands in the hands of retailers but we can help you navigate these challenges while still giving your adult consumers the affordable quality and taste they're looking for. Cheyenne provides retail partners with a constant vision of success to get them the most from their valuable shelf space.


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Whether you're a chain or independent retailer, we provide profitable products in growing categories.

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Large or small, we provide meaningful solutions and margins for our wholesale partners.

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Our brands and private-labels are sold world-wide and offer profitable propositions to international markets.

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As our broker, you have the opportunity to represent high-quality products in growing tobacco categories.

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