The tobacco business demands creativity and integrity, both qualities possessed by Cheyenne International. In today's environment, tobacco companies must offer more than attractive, quality products. With this in mind, Cheyenne creates a dynamic relationship with the channel to deliver value to adult consumers. We convey the certainty of strict regulatory compliance and the added bonus of a government interface effort that delivers a level of representation for the channel.

Cheyenne was built on three core principles: Partnership, Quality, and Compliance. Over a decade later, these ideals have remained the foundation of our business and the core of our daily operations. 


At Cheyenne International we value all of our customers. Whether it is what our customers have to say or identifying the challenges that they face, we consider our distributors and retailers as partners, which allows us to create progressive and effective strategies and solutions. A large portion of our Sales Team has over a decade of experience in the tobacco industry and is dedicated to creating profitable partnerships with wholesale and retail customers. Let us show you what a great relationship with a tobacco company looks like. 



The family of Cheyenne International brands are designed and created to offer the highest quality tobacco products to our customers. Our products are made on high-speed machinery in our factory in North Carolina and then tested to ensure that our customers are always getting the best products that we have to offer. After all, without exceptional quality products, all of our successes would have been short-lived.


Despite the challenges the tobacco industry faces with government regulations, Cheyenne International believes it is imperative to work together with everyone, including regulators, to achieve success. Since the beginning, Cheyenne has only marketed its tobacco products to adult consumers who are at least 21 years of age. Thoughtful about our impact on the adult consumer, marketing, advertising and product compliance is always top of mind.